Goodwin & Lewis


Kyle Goodwin

Kyle Goodwin is a senior litigator with Goodwin/Lewis. Kyle has long served as counsel for multi-state banks, engineering and construction companies, and national energy service companies.


William M. (“Billy”) Lewis

Billy Lewis is an attorney representing a broad spectrum of clients, including financial institutions, construction companies, energy companies, real estate businesses and trust companies.


Paul Cason

Paul has represented clients in all facets of the life of their business, from its formation through a merger or acquisition and including any litigation that may occur.


Trey Southerland

Trey Southerland is an attorney whose practice is primarily focused on real property, commercial law, and family law matters. Trey believes in being a strong advocate while prioritizing his client’s goals.

Of Counsel

Jason Reese

Jason Reese is a litigator with extensive experience in labor and employment law as well as oil and gas matters. Jason has served in various positions in state government and provides valuable expertise to his clients in the field of administrative law.


Emmalee Barresi

Emmalee Barresi is a family law attorney with a keen interest in adoptions. Her passion for her own four children motivates her in advocating for her clients, fueling her drive to serve families across the State of Oklahoma.


Tyler Gentry

Tyler L. Gentry is an experienced trial attorney who focuses on civil and commercial litigation in courts of all jurisdictions, state and federal.


Dana Murphy

Dana L. Murphy has joined the firm in an of-counsel role after serving for 14 years as an Oklahoma Corporation Commissioner.


Madeline Hagen

Madeline Hagen is a bright young star for Goodwin/Lewis and has been working as a legal intern for the Firm while attending law school at the University of Oklahoma.


Ronessa Hooker

Ronessa Hooker is a paralegal with a wide array of legal experience and has become an integral part of the litigation team at Goodwin/Lewis.